Pouring molten glass into sand goes back to the origins of matter, to a dialogue between heat and light. A witness of a transition, memories of elements, traces of a drawing. With a well orchestrated dance, the courageous challenge with matter is renewed with every casting. The result is that of many stratified emotions, of which figures rest in search of peace and harmony.
— Nives Marcassoli

Nives Marcassoli personal interpretation of Sand Casting consists in pouring molten glass from the melting pot into a sand mould, of which drawings, objects or natural elements are inserted which, with contact with the molten glass, burn leaving their imprint, they blend as if embodied within the hot glass mass. A kind of “contemporary sedimentary stratification”. The manual intervention with the flowing glass allows the artist to make the contents within this molten mass, emerge to the surface and give life to the opera.