Walked water

Collective exhibition
Artist Book 2018 Tuscany Tour  

Glass, wood cm. cm. 34 x cm. 31 h.cm. 46

The small wooden window, coming from a boat landed in Lampedusa, becomes the cover of a book with pages of water that tells of lost lands. Of a journey on the water, traveled as a path on which the pass becomes an extreme challenge. Salt water that foreshadow a destiny, fresh water of a teapot that reinvigorates the family ritual.

Alive paper, alive glass, alive art

Paolo Fraternali and Nives Marcassoli

It is the right time, Kairos, where fluctuating randomness leads back to synchronicity, where the works of Nives Marcassoli and Paolo Fraternali shine with this magical coincidence.


NETWORK MIRABILIA European Network of Unesco Sites
First edition of Art in Art - 3rd prize at Paths 3 of Nives Marcassoli
President of the jury: Milo Manara
24 October 2017 Verona


Paths traced by time, drawn by the wrinkles and veins of a hand, seem to move following the undulations of the surface, creating a dialogue between the image and the observer. Intertwining with colored threads and transparent interweaving, the fingers draw the plot of a life lived, kneaded and fixed in the light and transparency of the glass, over time. The image deformed by the movement of the surface follows and invites the eye (the mind) to grasp details and nuances (of life?)

This work of the series SENTIERI investigates the emotions of life, to witness the phases of the human soul, the depth of thought that indissolubly links the "doing" to “being".

Not a woman

A reflection on the theme of infibulation. A wounded flower, sewn and anchored, that no longer flies.

Casting of glass and thermoforming, murrine, cotton thread, fabric, acacia thorns

cm. 49x49xh.13   2018

Pavia October2018

Acque camminate

Vetro, Legno - 34 x 31 x 46 cm

Vetro, Legno - 34 x 31 x 46 cm

La  porticina in legno, proveniente da un barcone approdato a Lampedusa, diventa  copertina di un libro con pagine d’acqua che racconta di terre perdute. Di un viaggio sull’acqua, percorso come via sulla quale il passo diviene sfida estrema. Acque salate che prefigurano un destino, acqua dolce di una teiera che rinfranca il rito familiare.

Cinquantanove artisti (anche da Argentina e Canada), settantatré libri, numerose opere provenienti da tutto il mondo. “Libro d’Artista” sarà ospitato in tour a partire da Palazzo Medici Riccardi, quindi le Officine Garibaldi di Pisa, il Battistero del Duomo di Carrara, il settecentesco Palazzo Dosi Magnavacca di Pontremoli, il Palazzo Pretorio di Pontedera: un viaggio all’insegna della bellezza, in cui le opere di “Libro d’Artista” 2018, spiegano gli organizzatori, saranno protagoniste e fulcro di un’esperienza emotiva e sensoriale a 360 gradi. 

La manifestazione, ideata più di dieci anni fa da Silvia Fossati, coadiuvata da Giovanna Sparapani, Marcello Paoli, Eugenio Donadel e Alfredo Bertolini, vede riuniti artisti di fama con allievi delle Accademie di Belle Arti di Brera, Milano e Carrara. "Le opere presentate - osserva il Prof. Ilario Luperini - sono frutto di invenzioni tecniche e tematiche di apprezzabile e talora notevole livello. Gli artisti appaiono legati non solo dal tema, ma anche da un sentire analogo, dalla contiguità di linguaggi caratterizzati da serio impegno di ricerca e immediatezza del rapporto tra pensiero e operatività, tra profondità del pensare e ricchezza del fare. E se l’operazione complessiva appare di stampo essenzialmente concettuale, molto presenti sono le riscoperte del valore della manualità e delle tecniche". 

"Gli artisti che hanno 'confezionato' i libri - scrive nell'introduzione al catalogo Dario Nardella, Sindaco della Città Metropolitana di Firenze - spingono l'osservatore a leggere e a rendere tangibile la lettura, ad accarezzare quel prezioso deposito di sapienza, fatto di pagine e di scrittura che nella fretta si rischia di archiviare sullo scaffale. Qui ci sono libri contenitore, libri a scatole di latta, libri che reinterpretano il pop up come un piccolo monumento da sfogliare. La fantasia è al servizio della lettura, anzi l'invenzione d'artista riporta alla lettura, talvolta alla giocosità, al piacere di prendere un libro e portare i nostri occhi e la nostra mente sulle sue pagine. 

Stiamo sperimentando anche noi, negli spazi di Palazzo Medici Riccardi, il dialogo tra il Rinascimento e l'arte contemporanea (la Street Art nel Cortile di Michelozzo, ad esempio) con un'attenzione crescente di pubblico, con l'effetto di appassionare tanto al passato quanto al futuro. E' quello che sarà in grado di fare anche questa nuova mostra, che il catalogo ci rende fruibile, per l'appunto, come libro". 

Oltre che dalla Città Metropolitana di Firenze e dal Comune di Pontremoli, 'Libro d'artista' è patrocinata da Regione Toscana, Comuni di Firenze, Pisa, Carrara e Pontedera, e dalla Fondazione Città del Libro di Pontremoli.

GLASS Art glass in Italy today

GLASS Arte del vetro oggi 2016
 a cura di Jean Blancheart  
dal 25 Maggio all’ 11 Settembre - Villa dei Vescovi - Luvigliano - Padova

Nives is one of the artists invited to this exhibition on the glass of the author. Important exhibition of works of art, signed by the most famous glass masters of contemporary art, curated by artist and gallery owner Jean Blanchaert.

The artist

Hot Worked Fused Cast Glass is a process defined by Artist Nives Marcassolli creates her many layered suggestive glass fused. Glass is her medium and through the use of fire she transforms this medium in all forms, from powder to sheet glass, into layered and suggestive pieces, wherein an image is trapped in time, encased within the layers of rich colored glass. In order for Nives to get the movement on the surface of her pieces to resemble the surface of a moving undulating body of water, she has experimented and put to work various techniques which she refers to as Hot Worked Fused Cast Glass. The process is dynamic and intense, imagine pouring from a 25 kg crucible glass at 1200°C ! This little lady rocks!



October 26 | November 17, 2013

Sixth race at the 3D Gallery in Venice Mestre with the exhibition UNIVERSAL research project conceived and curated by Adolfina De Stefani, in cooperation with Mismomatic and Segnoperenne.it , as an observatory on contemporary trends , focusing on multilingualism and the necessary exchange of knowledge specific to the particular historical and artistic heritage.
The cycle of meetings ideally want it to latch on to the theme of the 55th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice , becoming, in the microcosm of the exhibition space and the heterogeneity of the events that will be hosted in it , Encyclopedic prophesied by the metaphor of the Palazzo Marino and Auriti of ' utopia of a place immense and complex temple of making art and producing food for cultures shared.
Saturday, October 26, 2013 (starting at 18.30 with a critical presentation by Silvia Ferrari Lilienau ) exhibition space will house the exibitiono TRA- SPARIRE of Nives Marcassoli.
Amongst the possibilities that glass offers to those who model glass, Nive Marcassoli’s favourites are two, however antithetic converges: interpretation of transparency and the disappearance of an image immersed in a glass paste. Mostly hands, or body elements, echoes of a human presence, which float within the watery semblance, rippling and changing directions, they merge and become more viscous. Colours flutter with the waves or plunge deeper. There is a strong material component, in the abstruseness of Marcassoli’s choices, occasionally square shaped, as if she were reinventing a post-modern theatrical metope. The balance of the profile contains a treacly exuberance a venturesome virtue which flees meditation. Hence, the result of a risk excels a mere ornament, caramelising crystalline features of glass. Marcassoli treats these glass compositions rather like panels of 15th century Flemish paintings, as though pursuing to conceal, allowing the underlying layers to emerge within the brightness of the surface. There is also the symbolic value of the hands, in the pursuit to coincide support and contents, through a candid research in which material and figurative fragments merge. The hands which appear or seemingly recede, speak of their actions, affectionate embraces or loyalty, becoming an arbitrator of fellow beings. The graphical profile immerses within the fullness of the glass, at the same time encompassed by the decisive geometry of its perimeter, or even restrained inside margins of irregularly distributed bubbles. Because the idea is clear, but its ethical importance is much more complex, as elaborated by Marcassoli’s technique, which accosts drawings and fusion to casting and molten handcrafted creations. The result therefore has an objectified consistency but also pictorial evidence, with the purpose of transmitting a message, whether acknowledged as a memento or to stimulate thoughts. Marcassoli work style is material, iconic, and conceptual, of sedimentations which grow and increase, sometimes on the verge of excessive, three-dimensional fossil reminisces which reiterating, progressively fade, but not before being eternally impressed.

Silvia Ferrari Lilienau

3D Gallery
Via Antonio Da Mestre, 31
Venezia Mestre

O smagià la tuaia

Wine poured in art, Action Painting. Stradella (PV), 7 September 2013.

Pour the wine on the tablecloth is the inadvertent gesture which becomes, for artists, an instrument of provocation. The stain is no longer the result of a gesture not wanted Rather it is the consequence of an action that is desired by the subconscious of the artist and as such exposed, as a true work of art."

Vissuto silenzio - Lived silence

La città di Loreo in collaborazione con il Ristorante Cavalli e l’Associazione MISMOMATIC presenta:
“Silence with Colors | Colors of the silence” progetto di ARTI VISIVE Collettiva presso sala espositiva ristorante Cavalli, 16 Giugno-17 Luglio.
Opening: 16 june 2013 at 21.00.
A cura di Adolfina De Stefani e Enzo Barion.
Taking into account the place intended as a geographical area where many writers and artists of various trends have dedicated and described, the invited artists from various backgrounds have worked on the concept of hybridization between art, respect for the environment and the reflection that comes with it.
The group proposes a reflection on the culture that the town offers to the visitor, on the language of colors that alternating between winter and summer, and the thought that the poetic landscape views forward. An exhibition that can do reconnaissance to a culture of continuous change. The exhibition allows a reflection on the different historical and artistic avant-garde and allows you to approach the “Polesana” culture and the attention of the contemporary thought.

Lived Silence
The man and the river accompany it, side by side in a silent way. A constant give-and-take of large promises, thoughts, dropouts and research. Each shiny mirror in surface, a tangle of deep emotions inside.

Un giorno di paga - A daily wage

A woman working at a loom: “The first time I entered Zopfi… was on my 14th birthday… but my mother had been working in the textile mill since 1914 when she was only 12 years old ”; women and young girls which after a brief apprenticeship began to work on the machines, on the spinning wheels and on the looms. An opera that tells a story, a different ‘story’ because it is unwritten, dismissed, and ordinary and perhaps for these very reasons, finally worthy of being narrated. A visual and vibrant poetry, where sensations and sentiments merge, like the complex and fascinating pre-fusions which give life to Nives’ unique creations.

Possibili traiettorie - possible paths

Forever children, with a bold gesture. The challenge of the force of gravity, the miracle of balance, suggested by the same, delicate form of glass. Stubbornness and amazement, accompanies one of the most common games : an opera as a metaphor of the obstacles to be overcome in life. Towards newPossible paths.

Di fuoco ed acqua - Of fire and water

The 12th of May La Galleria Nove Colonne/SPE/ II Giorno, opened Nives Marcassoli’s exhibition an artist from Ranica (Bergamo). 
The exhibition will be open until the 31stof May. Marcassoli will be exhibiting glass sculptures that she has created between 2010 and 2011. As Gualtiero Merati writes: “Nives Marcassoli began her artistic career by painting. She uses a glass fusion technique which she started to study during the 1990’s. Especially noteworthy, amongst her many operas, is the stained glass window of the Church of SS Crocifisso in Pavia, which she projected, prepared and installed single handed.
This artist, from Lombardy begins her creations by drawing a picture on a thin sheet of glass. They are drawings of hands, conversing, touching or embracing, drawn with clear decisive strokes, almost hyperrealistic. To this sheet of glass she adds transparent and coloured glass chips, which is heat fused and shaped (Hot work) resulting in a work of art with an unmistakable atmosphere. Finally, the creation is cold worked (grinding, sanding or with the use of acids) The surface of these sculptures recall rippling waters, such as when a pebble has just skimmed a surface, leaving concentric circles. This opera which gave origin to all of the others is amongst the exhibition and is easily distinguished for its striking diversity, both in shape and colour. On the other side of the gallery some of the artist’s drawings are exhibited. This exhibition is without doubt an exhibition which invites us to discover this innovative technique and enjoy the enthralling results, sending us into a subtle, emotive dimension

Vitro Festival, Romont

Collective exposition at the Vitromusée in occasion of the "VitroFestival" in Romont (Swiss). 
The Symposium: glass as creative element in architecture. An important conversation between artists, glass professionals and architecture professionals. 
The Gallery: more than 100 works of contemporary glass artists, in different spaces in the city of Romont, with the presence of the artists themselves.

Profondo sentire - Profound sentiment

Forte Marghera – Venice October 2010, curated by Adolfina De Stefani e Barbara Codogno. 

Participation in a collective international project WALKING-LAB: Melting pot-creation of artist's thoughts, the project WALKING FREEDOM FORT Forte Marghera, VE 2010. 

PROFONDO SENTIRE/DEEP EMOTION, An oblivious herald becomes a fluttering of wings, awakened by the rustling for freedom that stirs still waters, ready to move on. Hot-worked glass, wood carvings, feather.

Di vetro e d'acqua - Of fire and water

Glass sculptures to capture the sky, to unite with the earth, to dominate fire - to express her belonging with water, the element in which her work and her spirit find place: hers are Water thoughts. Shapes - to make you feel one with Nature, to mark a memory, an emotion, to tell a shiver, an irony at times, to describe the place where Nives Marcassoli lives and works. There where the river flows, where the grass grows on the ditches and the croaking of tree frogs can be heard. An hymn to Nature, nourished by the Sense of Light, that transfigures the shape to enclose light, so as to let it filter through the glassy mass and keep it within. The effects are extraordinary, summoned by a wise alchemy and pervading all molecules, like reflections imprisoned in a treasure chest, in a glass prism, that returns purity. 
Glass: the medium with which Nives expresses her talent, the glass so celebrated throughout time. Glass, that ancient and prodigious matter known in days of yore, charms the artist, who starts from an undefined mould and bestows a soul on the shape, born from the fusion and assembling of cut glasses. Nives senses her work by intuition, she elaborates it with her thought, then gives in to her creativity and leaves the final touch to the fire, guided and controlled with skill. And it is exactly to the secrets hidden in her strength, to conferring with the mysterious god, with the element that shapes and melts glassy matter, that she commits her project, her work. Nives's passion looks at a glass. Sculpture without being satisfied with a shape born by chance: she creates a second one, then a third one and even more, if the result is not what she desires. Towards the possibility of shaping the idea, of confirming the signs, the colors, of hosting metal elements, of creating smooth surfaces, but even rough or jagged ones. Giving birth to light shapes, transparent like organdie, like laces in a doll's dress: thus, a sculpture made of light, fragile and pink, by the name of "Passione d'organza". 
And the glassy substance brims with color, it discovers its new identity, it transforms - abiding by the will of its creator - it transforms to meet a new expressivity as it bestows beauty. It is a result that stems from challenges, because this is the only way this woman can feel alive: it is the strength that urges her to overcome the limits, those of physics, those of the mind. It is there that Nives' work finds its roots. That élan towards continuous researching, towards creative action that accompanies man since the dawn of life. Charmed by glass, her passion for a long time, she gives life to (common) objects, brimming with intense chromatisms and elegant signs. Sculpture is then her natural landing place. It is not me that looked for it, it is sculpture that found me, as she herself said. Ail her preceding work and her latest devotion are the manifestation of but one language, a hymn to life originating from matter itself, a hymn to light - that gives expression - to water - that generates life itself - to the sky above us - where souls die. Life is a flimsy place, the sky is so close, as a great Italian photographer wrote. The stylistic figure of this eclectic artist describes a work in fieri, flush with stylistic references and solutions, profiting from noteworthy technical capabilities and creativity: a path, on a quest for a new three-dimensional expression, under the sign of an ancient modernity.