NETWORK MIRABILIA European Network of Unesco Sites
First edition of Art in Art - 3rd prize at Paths 3 of Nives Marcassoli
President of the jury: Milo Manara
24 October 2017 Verona


Paths traced by time, drawn by the wrinkles and veins of a hand, seem to move following the undulations of the surface, creating a dialogue between the image and the observer. Intertwining with colored threads and transparent interweaving, the fingers draw the plot of a life lived, kneaded and fixed in the light and transparency of the glass, over time. The image deformed by the movement of the surface follows and invites the eye (the mind) to grasp details and nuances (of life?)

This work of the series SENTIERI investigates the emotions of life, to witness the phases of the human soul, the depth of thought that indissolubly links the "doing" to “being".