Vittorio Mottin

Living Paper Living Glass Living Art
1 - 31 - July 2017, Hotel 38 Mi

Chunks of an igloo fused with colour or elaborated translucent blocks containing a sketch: these are Nives’ artefacts. Snow melts to form her unique glassworks, a Maestro glass artist, who seems to amuse herself by inserting pieces, which reflect her sensitivity as an artist.
The glass appears to have passed between the hands of a pastry-maker and the hands, immersed in the fusion, leave her fingerprints visible within the sculpture, hidden, transparent, visible drawings. The faces evoke a Matisse style, leaning like a photo memento on colour-streaked blocks. The drawn hands seem to want to move, following the lines of life, drawn for magicians, challenging to be interpreted.
Even the veins pulse as if rivulets were having fun chasing their ripples.
Unique unsquared pieces, documenting an adventure of a continuous research always innovative, always different.
When the freedom of colour is forced to a halt, a smoky ice and evanescent feathers appear.
Transparencies signed with a delicate hint of a drawing inside the faces in memory of Miró.
A shapeless heartbeat and a play of emotions.                                                                                                    

                                                                                                              Vittorio Mottin
July 2017

Translation Linda Susan Johns