Di fuoco ed acqua - Of fire and water

The 12th of May La Galleria Nove Colonne/SPE/ II Giorno, opened Nives Marcassoli’s exhibition an artist from Ranica (Bergamo). 
The exhibition will be open until the 31stof May. Marcassoli will be exhibiting glass sculptures that she has created between 2010 and 2011. As Gualtiero Merati writes: “Nives Marcassoli began her artistic career by painting. She uses a glass fusion technique which she started to study during the 1990’s. Especially noteworthy, amongst her many operas, is the stained glass window of the Church of SS Crocifisso in Pavia, which she projected, prepared and installed single handed.
This artist, from Lombardy begins her creations by drawing a picture on a thin sheet of glass. They are drawings of hands, conversing, touching or embracing, drawn with clear decisive strokes, almost hyperrealistic. To this sheet of glass she adds transparent and coloured glass chips, which is heat fused and shaped (Hot work) resulting in a work of art with an unmistakable atmosphere. Finally, the creation is cold worked (grinding, sanding or with the use of acids) The surface of these sculptures recall rippling waters, such as when a pebble has just skimmed a surface, leaving concentric circles. This opera which gave origin to all of the others is amongst the exhibition and is easily distinguished for its striking diversity, both in shape and colour. On the other side of the gallery some of the artist’s drawings are exhibited. This exhibition is without doubt an exhibition which invites us to discover this innovative technique and enjoy the enthralling results, sending us into a subtle, emotive dimension